Chris Pratt Open to Idea of Playing Indiana Jones

Jarred Braxton February 24, 2015 0
Chris Pratt Indiana Jones

It seems that Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s new golden boy after a breakout year in film last year. From THE LEGO Movie to his breakout role in Guardians of the Galaxy, which will be followed by his upcoming role in Jurassic World, Pratt seems to be settling in with the major parts of Hollywood. But could his newfound stardom lead to the lead/title role in an unnecessary possible reboot of Indiana Jones? Sunday night at the Oscars, Pratt responded to the rumors of whether or not he was approached for the possible project.

No, I don’t think it’s overwhelming to contemplate. It’d be cool. No one’s called me, you know, there’s a lot of talk about it. The pressure would come just because it’s a great franchise, you wouldn’t wanna get it wrong. So, for me, it would have to be perfect to do it. We’ll see.

The idea of rebooting Indiana Jones is just an idea at this point. As is the rumor of Spielberg coming back to direct the potential reboot. Could Chris Pratt do this? Yes, he could. Can they reboot Indiana Jones? It’s Hollywood, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they did. Should they? That’s another story.