‘Call of Duty Online’ Cyborg Zombies Mode Details & Gameplay Leak

evolveteam December 19, 2013 0
Call of Duty Online Cyborg Zombies

As if the multiplayer madness that ensues on Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t crazy enough, Infinity Ward is upping the ante with another new gameplay mode for its free-to-play, PC-only game: Call of Duty Online. The game will now offer up a Cyborg Zombies mode and four classes, placing a heavy emphasis on getting through eleven rounds and evacuating the area before being taken out by an endless wave of murderous undead androids. Sounds absolutely ludicrous, but you know you’re yearning to play it.

Below is a brief breakdown of the classes and equipment, plus leaked gameplay footage courtesy of YouTube user LiamFTWinter. Appreciate the heads up, dude. Take it all in below.


– Ice Trap
– Monkey Bomb
– Money Grenade


– Dwarf Trap
– Rescue Knife
– Money Grenade


– Shock Trap
– Random Portal
– Sticky Grenade


– Fire Trap
– Black Hole Grenade

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