Bolt Messaging App to Brighten Instagram

evolveteam August 1, 2014 0
Bolt Instagram app

Insagram’s messaging app dubbed Bolt strikes again, this time officially launching. The software program is not only a handsome reproduction of Snapchat and Taptalk’s features, but also bears the same name as an existing voice calling and messaging app.

The app facilitates quick pictorial conversation between smaller groups of friends, which disappears once read. In accordance with its name, the app performs tasks with instantaneous ease. To send a snap, simply tap on a friend’s profile photo at the bottom of the screen. Or send a video, after one long press. Sent to the wrong person? No problem, crisis aversion is a phone shake away.

As good as this sounds, do not get too excited just yet. The app is only available in three countries New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. “We decided to start small with Bolt, in just a handful of countries, to make sure we can scale while maintaining a great experience. We expect to roll it out more widely soon,” an Instagram spokesperson told The Verge. Are your fingers twitching with anticipation already? Hope not, you might be in for quite a wait.

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