Instagram Gets Even Better By Adding 10 New Photo-Editing Features

evolveteam June 4, 2014 0
Instagram 6

Yesterday, Instagram 6.0 was launched on iPhone and Android devices, finally allowing users to adjust a number of editing features: including brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, shadows, vignettes, and sharpness in any picture. Not only is there the option to adjust the standard filters everyone knows like Mayfair and Lo-fi, but 10 NEW photo-editing tools have also been added.

Tapping on the new wrench icon in the editing screen will access the tools and display them out in a horizontal list. Even if three minutes are spent exploring the new creative freedom these adjustments give, don’t stress it. A before-and-after effect is in place, to allow the user the satisfaction of seeing their beautiful progress by simply tapping the photo. With photo-editing tools blowing up with new apps, Instagram has heard the requests of its users, and adapted to compete.

Now promoting a better photo-editing experience from within the app, the need to download countless third-party apps seems pointless. Which is probably why the update came when it did. Unfortunately, the new tools don’t just open up with cool customization, but they also open up with new slots for advertising. The first round of ads didn’t go over well with IGers, so we’ll see how it “takes” this second time around.

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