The Best Indie Games of E3 2014

evolveteam June 11, 2014 4

No Man’s Sky

Developer: Hello Games
Arguably the coolest game shown at the PlayStation press conference, No Man’s Sky is a “game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.” What this means essentially is it’s never ending and no two people will ever experience the same worlds. The preview shows off the unique ability to roam a newly discovered planet, discover new species, and then just get back into your spaceship and discover again. This type of truly infinite and open-world experience is what futurist gamers love to hear. While the game does revolve around discovery, it is also about survival. As you encounter several obstacles, players must go discover the galaxy, while gathering resources and maintaining their starship. Backed by gorgeous set pieces and randomly generated environments, No Man’s Sky is looking like a visual masterpiece.