Bentley GTX B Onyx Concept is BHP Beast

evolveteam October 4, 2013 1
Bentley GTX B Onyx Concept

Bentley concepts are a rarity, so we take great pleasure in enjoying them as they come. But as the new V8 Bentley tuned projects cotinue to roll out, we’re starting to feel spoiled. However, nothing’s even compared to the Bentley GTX B Onyx Concept pictured above. The 4.0-liter twin-turbo vehicle is capable of pulling 600 bhp and features one of the most gorgeous full body kits we’ve ever witnessed on a luxury vehicle. It’s fitted with 22-inch forged wheels, a new side skirts, extended wheel arches LED daytime running lights, and much more. No details on availability or pricing is available, but we’ll make sure to put you onto it once unveiled.


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