Awesome ‘Robocop’ Viral Showcases OmniCorp’s Latest Developments

evolveteam July 17, 2013 0
Robocop Remake Omnicorp

The Robocop reboot has been one of those films we’ve heard much about, but haven’t seen much of. With San Diego Comic-Con already upon us, Sony’s finally decided to show off a teaser of the ‘80s action film remake, unveiling this new viral campaign at the show based on OmniCorp. In a similar ploy executed by Fox at last year’s show with Prometheus, we get a close look at the fictional company’s latest products, which includes drones, the ED-209, and Robocop himself. It’s an interesting visual to say the least. Don’t forget to check out Robocop’s full suit below the clip.

Robocop Remake


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