Astro A38 Wireless Gaming Headset Preview

evolveteam February 14, 2014 0

Astro A38 Wireless Gaming Headset

Final Impressions

Some might say Astro is taking a chance by entering a mobile gaming accessories market that continues to expand, but has yet to be embraced by most mobilephiles. But the company stepped up its game and looks to have assembled a great headset in the Astro A38. From the sound of it, we finally have a device to accommodate our listening pleasures when engaging in portable titles, which also matches the sound quality of the company’s console counterparts. I have yet to switch out my A38’s for any other headset, as they are extremely comfortable and easy to tote around. I am looking forward to experience some of the other upgrades such as the improved noise-canceling mic and antenna, so I can walk away from my device and not be kicked out of a chat. If the beta headset it this good, then we can only imagine with the final product will turn out like.

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