Astro A38 Wireless Gaming Headset Preview

evolveteam February 14, 2014 0
astro A38 Design


Astro is known for making big and robust headphones, though the A38 is a noticeable exception. The company found a way to keep the headset thinner, yet sturdy, meaning if you want to throw them in a bag and move on the go, you can do so and not worry about breaking them in half. Both ear cups are generously padded to keep players comfortable for long gaming sessions. When playing on my PS Vita for about two hours, I actually forgot it was on my head, as the padding and lightweight build proved to be extremely comfortable.

Seems like you’ll be able to play for hours on in without feeling displeasure. The button setup on the A38’s is perfect, as you have the Power/Pairing and multi-function buttons on the back left of the ear cup, along with Mute on the bottom and Volume on the right back side. A USB port is located on the bottom for charging. I had no problems accessing any of the buttons, plus the tactility of each one was responsive and strong.

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