Apple Keeping Quiet on iPhone 5C Pre-Order Numbers

evolveteam September 17, 2013 1
iPhone 5C preorders

Could the iPhone 5C, the handset billed to be the next smartphone for the masses, already be a bust? Seeing how the tech giant looks to be breaking from tradition and not divulging numbers on pre-orders (a first for the company), all signs point to yes. As the company’s price stock continues to slide, worries are that the cost-efficient iPhone is failing to reach the high reservation rates achieved previously by the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. Granted the smartphone is expected to be available in “greater numbers” than the iPhone 5S according to Daring Fireball’s John Cruber, if that’s any consolation. But judging from the social media response of last week’s iPhone event, there’s a really small crowd of mobilephiles showing interest in the iPhone 5C. Maybe the not-available-for-pre-order 5S will save Apple’s stock from dipping as we head into the holiday season.


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