Another Guitar Hero, Another Rock Band Attached

evolveteam May 7, 2009 1

Reunion #1,673 is a go.

At this point, what’s to stop Activision and Octane from putting out Guitar Hero: Poison or Guitar Hero: Tom Petty? Nothing! The formula is simple: Guitar Hero + legendary Rock act= $. Make room in your overcrowded living room—Guitar Hero: Van Halen is set to hit stores later this year. At a press event in Los Angeles, Senior Vice President of Guitar Hero publishing Kai Huang promised fans the game will feature “many of the band’s greatest hits”. That’s just the beginning though. Other acts like The Offsrping, Blink 182, Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age, bands who’ve been heavily influenced by the iconic group, will all have features in the game as well. Rock music continues to rock on next-gen consoles.

  • Once upon a time I worked at the Musicland store in our local mall. The picture in this post was life-sized and in wallpaper form on the store’s back wall. It was part of a collage of artists. Thanks for bringing back that memory.