7 Major Things to Know About the HTC One M8

evolveteam March 25, 2014 7
All New HTC One Sense 6

All-New Duo Camera

How can we put this bluntly? HTC’s Ultrapixel camera was pretty much loathed by most critics and fans. Despite being engineered to boost pixel resolution and lighting in photos, it failed to produce the high-quality images snapped on the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4.

The company looks to solve this problem by integrating a dual-camera system that lets users capture photos and videos by choosing a focus point, while incorporating 3D and bokeh effects into the mix. Twin sensors help target multiple objects at once and expand the field of depth for wide-range pictorials. From some of the example photos we’ve seen, the technology prioritizes detailing and glare stabilization.

But many might find the front-facing 5MP camera to be the more impressive shooter on the handset. The One does a phenomenal job with selfies thanks impart to its prompt auto focus and wider lens, which traps lighting to improve the luminosity of facials shots.