The 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras Available This Spring

evolveteam March 20, 2014 2
Best Mirrorless Cameras

Spring is upon us. That means it’s time to hang up the winter coats, say peace to the snowstorms, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that comes with the season. Photography is one field that sees a massive spike in activity this time of year, as all aspiring and professional shutterbugs venture out more to capture stunning imagery of their environments.

The latest advancements in mobile technology have made it possible to snap amazing photos and videos on the go. However, a true photog relies more on serious hardware to get the job done. And while everyone isn’t swimming in DSLR money, there are a handful of portable shooters on the market capable of producing incredible visuals. Aim your lens at the screen and focus in on the 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras Available Now.

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