The 25 Best Military Games of All Time

evolveteam May 23, 2014 2
Words by: Angelina Montanez, Ian Freeman, Jager Robinson, and Alex Bracetti

Now the financial leader in the gaming market, military games have taken over both the industry and our living rooms. The record-breaking sales of the Call of Duty franchise can attest to this. But what is it about these titles that draw us in? Is it the sense of accomplished realism? Maybe the victorious heroism that comes from completing a mission of grave importance? How about the challenge of engaging in true-to-form tactical combat with other players online? Answer: All of the above.

These are all the driving forces that have us invested in these arcade, first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and war simulator IPs. Heading into Memorial Day, we couldn’t help but look back and rank the titles that helped redefine the gaming genre. So set your scope on the screen as we take you through the 25 Best Military Games of All Time —JR