The 10 Best Mobile Games of February 2014

evolveteam February 28, 2014 2
Battle Supremacy ios

Battle Supremacy

Venture back into the WWII era using vehicles like tanks and nostalgic weapons to survive the war. Granted the armory might be archaic, the graphics are far from it. The game does offer single, as well as multiplayer mode, plus it grants players the opportunity to unlock historical tanks. Campaign mode will take you through old France, Russia, and even the Pacific Islands. It’s definitely a touchy time in history, but one that you can help correct through US spirit.
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AE City Dodge windows phone

AE City Dodge

AE City Dodge may seem easy, but once you start to play, you’ll see the difficulty level increase. Collect as many hearts and gift boxes as possible, while completing insanely difficult missions, which allow you to obtain bonuses. The mobile title takes you through different places across the globe from the streets of New York to Paris, and even India.
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