The 10 Best Mobile Games of February 2014

evolveteam February 28, 2014 2
Duck Destroyter iOS

Duck Destroyer

Let’s just call it Duck Hunt for you mobile phone. Grab your shotty and start bucking at ducks, choosing between which controls you want to use or enjoying the traditional joystick courtesy of the gyroscopic scheme. Duck Destroyer has more than 150 missions to complete, along with several Granny side quests and plenty of upgrades that open the lane to access more powerful guns.
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Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed ios

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic and crew make their way onto the mobile circuit with SEGA advancing its racing title originally released on consoles back in 2012. Speed through racetracks as 10 legendary racers, each boasting their own transformable vehicle and special power-ups. Speed through land, sea, and air, also play with up to 4 friends to see who can come out on top.
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