The 10 Best Mobile Games of February 2014

evolveteam February 28, 2014 2
modern command ios

Modern Command

Take on the enemy threat in an impressive 3D battlefield filled with adversaries from South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and more. Play towards the strategically defensive by running operations from MCA headquarters and build new technologies to survive. Need help? Call in special ordinances to help during tough battles.
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Out There iOS

Out There

See space as you’ve never seen it before. Step into the cockpit and survival the extremely dangerous threats that lie in space, while exploring the unknown universe and encountering different species that can care less about you existence. Liken garden planets to refill your oxygen supply during an expedition where you blast extraterrestrial enemies away in an attempt to survive. With eight different spaceships to discover and 50 achievements to earn, Out There should keep you occupied in the same way Gradius and R-Type did during the ‘80s.
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