Which MOGA Controller Best Suits Your Mobile Gaming Needs?

evolveteam January 23, 2014 1
MOGA Pro Power


Best suited for: The MOGA Pro Power targets more of the hardcore gamer crowd, as it is larger and resembles a console controller, which always works great for specific gaming genres: including shooters, sports, and multiplayer games.


For some, playing with a smaller controller just doesn’t feel right, especially when gaming for long periods of time. The Pro Power looks and feels more like a console controller with a D-Pad, dual-clickable analog sticks, front buttons (A, B, X, and Y), and L1/R1 and L2/R2 shoulder triggers that add a sturdy, yet comfy feel on the hands. Anyone who treasures battery life most won’t have to worry about their phone dying, as the gamepad also comes equipped with a rechargeable 2,200mAh internal battery and USB connector.

What should also appeal to males is the larger build, bringing firmer grip control to the fold and expanding the button scheme so you won’t hit the wrong button by mistake. The MOGA Arm with S.M.R.T. Lock Technology holds the handset in place, securing the device so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out during gaming sessions.


Even though the MOGA Pro Power is technically portable, it doesn’t make the best carry-on companion. In order to carry it around, you’re going to need to lug around a bag or have pants like Kriss Kross to store in pocket. Big size translates to heavier weight. So attaching a phone and sitting it on a table forces you to keep an eye on it, as the handset will knock over the controller.

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