What's In Your Queue?

evolveteam May 5, 2009 0
This week brings us a fantasy drama blockbuster, a charming romantic comedy and one of cable television’s critically acclaimed franchises to your Netflix queue.

F.Scott Fitzgerald’s short story is brought to life by the same director who brought us Se7en and Fight Club–who would of thought that? This fantasy tale tells the story of Benjamin Button–a man who’s diagnosed by several birth diseases and as a result ages backwards. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett’s onscreen chemistry is magnetizing, especially as age sets its tone on their lives.

Here’s a romantic comedy that speaks for redemption seekers. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson play two lonely wrecks whose past relationships have scorned them from experiencing happiness. Fate brings the two together at a London airport, after Harvey decides to ditch his daughter’s wedding, and a bond develops between the pair that heals the wounds of their forgettable past.

Miami’s favorite serial killer/blood splattered analyst finds himself heavily stalked by the FBI and struggling to resist his urge for murder. The dude even develops his own cult following as the “Butcher Bay Butcher” and his own comic book character (The Dark Defender). The first season alone is enough to follow-up on Dexter Morgan’s latest developments.