Netflix Says Offline Viewing “Never Going to Happen”

evolveteam December 17, 2014 0
Netflix offline viewing

Offline streaming has become the new thing on the digital media front thanks to Spotify. And while most of us are still waiting for entertainment giants like Netflix to provide such a feature for its service, the company has pretty much told us not to hold our breath. Director of corporate communications and technology, Cliff Edwards, went on record suggesting, “It’s never going to happen.” Could he be more blunt? Don’t answer.

He went on explain Netflix’s position on the issue, stating it believes the problem lies in Wi-Fi access and quality and labeling the feature as a “short term fix for a bigger problem.” Netflix’s stance shouldn’t come as a surprise as the service has made numerous comments in the past that oppose the “fast lanes” concept being embraced by today’s Internet providers. The company also believes the Internet infrastructure will be so enhanced that such a concept won’t even come into question. You don’t say…