Turtle Rock Shows Off 20 Minutes Of Evolve Solo Mode

Jager Robinson January 29, 2015 0

Turtle Rock and 2K are gearing up to release one of the more anticipated games of 2015. As the Evolve release date approaches, so does speculation for how the game will function. With a multitude of betas and a lot of discussion with their fans, Turtle Rock are trying to assure their fans that their game will run at launch, something 2014 did not see a lot of. 2015 is off to a fast start because of Dying Light’s smooth launch but can the multiplayer-only Evolve launch just as well? We shall find out.

Speaking of multiplayer-only, Turtle Rock has just detailed some of the action your hunter or monster can do during your time away from the internet! In a short 20 minute video, you can check out exactly what you can do if you dom’t feel like playing online and don’t worry, everything you do will count towards your online progress.

In this defend game type, you will be able to play as the monster or the hunters. As the monster, you can run around taking out generators and the evacuation ship. As the hunters, you can work with your team to secure objectives and take out AI monsters.

While this sounds like a generic thrown in kind of deal from Turtle Rock, it actually works entirely like bot-mode in League of Legends or Call of Duty, you can hone in on different skills or even study up on different characters you want to play while not ruining your rank online.

Be sure to check out the video and stay tuned for the achievements breakdown for Evolve as well as any updates as we approach launch day.