The Ankonian/Batmobile Replica

evolveteam December 14, 2009 0

Batman may have hit his mark with this one, going down as the coolest superhero of all time. The mere gadgets at his disposal give him the nudge, but how he arrives in-style shoves him ahead the rest. And how couldn’t he with all of the remodeled Batmobiles, ever-adapting to the times?

Should Nolan give in to inevitable studio pressure to design another new, marketable Bat-toy? If so, this one would really impress and weigh its length of time.

This version is a concept from Russian design student Slavche Tanevski. Named after a breed of black-haired bull, the Ankonian, it combines sleek and angularity through a series of winged panels that appear carved from some metal obsidian alloy engineered for sheer badass pleasure. And OLED lights built directly into the body, while a slight stretch of the imagination, are a welcome touch that pushes this concept forward.