The 10 Best Mobile Games of January 2013

evolveteam January 31, 2013 3
zombiewood Best mobile games of january 2013


The undead have taken over and invaded Los Angeles, transforming the glitzy and lavish streets—lushed with movie stars and celebrities—into a zombie apocalypse. For some it spells terror, fear, panic, and infection. Others see it as an opportunity to light up the silver screen, roll camera, and shine. Enjoy exhilarating dual-stick shooter action as you shred through waves of crazy zombies with 20 wicked ‘n’ wild weapons, 11 movies, and 10 unique game modes. Lights, camera, action!

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Joe Danger Touch Best Games of January 2013

Joe Danger Touch

The popular console side-scroller takes a leap onto iOS devices, introducing Apple owners to the virtual Evil Knievel and his latest adventure. Built entirely from the ground up with unique mechanics, Joe Danger Touch stays true to the core arcade concepts of the original titles—keeping intact the same lovely aesthetics, solid frame rate, and tight controls. It’s a console-quality game in your hands. Swipe Joe to make him pop a wheelie, flick barriers out of the way, tap to jump, hold to crouch, and waggle your finger to fight with sharks.

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