The 10 Best Mobile Games of January 2013

evolveteam January 31, 2013 3
Anomaly Korea Best Games of January 2013

Anomaly Korea

This thrilling portable strategy game comes to life on your portable device with gorgeous high-definition visuals and stunning detail. Gamers will lead a firing squad into fierce combat against alien robots in Korea. Venture through routes carefully and use armored units with special attacking powers to turn the tides of war against a horde of new enemy threats. Flipping the tower defense genre on its head, you play the invaders leading your unit into alien-infested districts. Plan carefully, use money and powers wisely, and make it through unscathed. Keep a birds eye view on the action and use tactile touch controls to assemble your team, plan routes, and execute power-ups such as Boost, which speeds up your unit’s offense. With an atmospheric soundtrack and full voice acting, Anomaly Korea is practically a console title in mobile form.

Download it Now at the Apple App Store for $4
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Wild Blood HD Best Games of January 2013

Wild Blood HD

Gameloft earns props for making this game look absolutely amazing through the use of the revolutionary Unreal Engine: delivering unimaginable real-time battles and full 3D graphics. Become the legendary (and brutal) Sir Lancelot, as you fight off hell’s legions and challenge the mighty King Arthur, who has been enchanted by Morgana. Enjoy intense melee combat and ranged battles through 10 breathtaking levels. Have fun with up to five friends in the impressive Team Deathmatch (3 vs. 3) and Capture the Flag modes, too.

Download It Now at Google Play For $7

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