Next ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Film Could Feature Teen Leatherface

evolveteam July 31, 2014 0
texas chainsaw massacre 3d

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is rumored to be returning to theaters sometime in the next year or so. Anonymous sources for Bloody Disgusting,/em> have been given a tip that Lionsgate is “in talks” to bring another film to screen. Lionsgate released the 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D film, which featured the story of the chainsaw-slasher having a long lost cousin.

The upcoming film would seem to serve two purposes—a sequel to the 1974 classic and a prequel to the 2013 film. This means we would see a younger, possibly teen-aged Leatherface. It would possibly offer a new angle for the film- discovering his teen angst. According to BD,“While TC3D ended with a cliffhanger, setting up a sequel and new family dynamics, we’re being told that an unidentified writer is rumored to be in talks to pen Leatherface’s “teenage years.” The new perspective raises questions, mainly what direction it could go in and do we want to see Leatherface as a teen? Cue the chainsaw effect!