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The Twilight Vencedor Whirlpool Inova

evolveteam May 19, 2010 0

Here’s an interesting concept—an air purifier that circulates air across the room, while sporting an OLED sheet, allowing owners to display videos and images. Sadly there’s no Twitter functionality. It’s cool though. Here’s a

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Blur Welcomes Twitter Functionality to the Race

evolveteam April 29, 2010 0

Tweet this…Activision has just confirmed the most popular social network, Twitter, will be featured in their upcoming racing title, Blur. Developer Bizarre Creations has incorporate the feature through their social network interface and will

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Friday the 13th Sequel Slaughtered

evolveteam April 22, 2010 1

Twitter continues to breaks news. @Mayroth_Tucker3’s managed to tweet “Friday the 13th” producer Brad Fuller and ask about the progress of the sequel, and Fuller responded by saying “it is dead- not happening.” Couldn’t

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Facebook/Twitter Friendly Watch

evolveteam April 5, 2010 0

Need another alternative for checking Twitter and Facebook updates? Ok, why not run with Tokyoflash’s concept watch. It comes Bluetooth equipped and sync’s with any smartphone to transmit updates from either social networking site.

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Mojito Digital Photo Frame

evolveteam March 29, 2010 0

With all the digital photo frames being released, the competition is pretty tough, and the Mojito Wi-Fi Photo Frame doesn’t make it any easier. This digital frame functions like the customary photo frame, with

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Attached to A Nightmare on Elmstreet

evolveteam March 1, 2010 0

Series star Milla Jovovich, better known as Alice in the “Resident Evil” film franchise, took to her Twitter account to let fans know of when they’ll get their first glimpse of the series fourth

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Spider-Man Reboot Takes Ultimate Route?

evolveteam February 19, 2010 0

Could be, could be. Mark M. (devoted reader of LatinoReview) mentioned Ultimate Spider-Man creator and writer Brian Bendis was in talks with Sony about the new Spider-Man reboot. January 11th Bendis tweeted, “i work

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Tyrese Tweets Transformers Return

evolveteam February 12, 2010 0

Franchise regular Tyrese Gibson excitingly tweeted about his return to the third and untitled Transformers film: TRANSFORMERS 3: Is Full THrottle Full Steam Ahead….. Michael Bay gave me the start date.. And I can’t

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Spock Uncertain About Trek Return?

evolveteam January 29, 2010 0

Zachary Quinto gave Star Trek fans a scare during an interview with Wired magazine saying, “I’m stepping away from Star Trek for at least two years—no movies, no conventions, no anything for awhile. I

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