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Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer Leaks

evolveteam April 3, 2010 2

Look what should up in movie theaters this weekend attached to Clash of the Titans 3D…a 3D trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife. Unfortunately that version was horrendous for online viewers. Fortunately a

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Resident Evil: Afterlife First Screens

evolveteam April 1, 2010 0

Fans can now get their first glimpse of the latest Resident Evil film, Afterlife, courtesy of these exclusive MySpace pics. Move forward to find a few more familiar faces

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Attached to A Nightmare on Elmstreet

evolveteam March 1, 2010 0

Series star Milla Jovovich, better known as Alice in the “Resident Evil” film franchise, took to her Twitter account to let fans know of when they’ll get their first glimpse of the series fourth

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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Welcomes RE1 Cast Members

evolveteam February 12, 2010 0

Well, Well…if it isn’t Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers. Both Resident Evil originals made their guest appearances (while Rebecca had her own starring role in Resident Evil 0) in previous entries, and with the

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Resident Evil: Lost in Dreams Episode Teaser

evolveteam November 20, 2009 0

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield experience another bad case of déjà vu. Here’s a glimpse of the new episode attached to Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition, titled Lost in Dreams

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Fifth Resident Evil Film In The Works?

evolveteam November 16, 2009 0

Resident Evil: Afterlife hasn’t enough finished wrapping and there is loose talk of another sequel. Producer Jeremy Bolt spoke with Shock Till You Drop and says, “If it does well enough obviously we’ll do

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R.E.: Darkside Chronicles Revelations

evolveteam November 13, 2009 0

So you wonder what Leon Kennedy was up to after the events in Raccoon City. Well…here you have it

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Jill Valentine Returning For More Cinematic Evil?

evolveteam November 10, 2009 0

Considering all the Resident Evil news, you would swear the T-Virus was unleashed over all media outlets. Milla Jovovich has embraced her Twitter account, feeding all zombie moviegoers with news tidbits and rumors that

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Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition DLC Details

evolveteam November 10, 2009 0

The votes are in and thanks to 1,500 gamers, Capcom will release all DLC content for Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition in North America, Europe and Austrailia. Though only announced for the PS3 in

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