Jill Valentine Returning For More Cinematic Evil?

evolveteam November 10, 2009 0

Considering all the Resident Evil news, you would swear the T-Virus was unleashed over all media outlets. Milla Jovovich has embraced her Twitter account, feeding all zombie moviegoers with news tidbits and rumors that have made her the ultimate R.E. Afterlife source. Her recent tweet post says, “Valentine MAY b back…,” interesting huh? This most likely means the return of Jill Valentine, who actress Sienna Guillory played in the second film, Apocalypse. All those looking for more Tweeter updates from Alice can follow her day-to-day progress @MillaJovovich. The fourth film will be shot in 3D and will see an August 27th, 2010 release. The battle against Umbrella continues!