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Master Chief Turns Anime

evolveteam July 23, 2009 0

Microsoft has bigger plans for Master Chief than just another Halo spin-off. At this year’s Comic-Con they announced their biggest selling video game will now be turned into an anime titled Halo Legends. The

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Handheld Microsoft System Still A Possibility

evolveteam July 18, 2009 0

With the development of their motion-sensor app, Project Natal, all of Microsoft’s attention is clearly focused on taking out their biggest threat in the console wars: Nintendo. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking

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E3 2009 Coverage: The Xbox Natal

evolveteam June 4, 2009 0

Here’s a closer look at Microsoft’s new motion sensor peripheral: Project Natal

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Microsoft's E3 Conference

evolveteam June 2, 2009 0

Microsoft really sneaked into E3 this year and they came packing heat seeking missiles. Kicking off the festivities, a demonstration of the the latest Rock Band addition, The Beatles Edition, was displayed to the

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GTA's Next Episode Fall Bound

evolveteam May 26, 2009 1

Being a 360 owner means you’ve struck platinum when it comes to gaining exclusive content. After several years on exclusivity on the Playstation 2, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series stood Sony bound for a

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New Zune Phone Coming?

evolveteam May 12, 2009 0

Update: We were right to include the “?” Turns out the blogoshpere got played by some dumbass Apple fanboy and the above tweet is a load of shit. But here’s the good news

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Own Windows 7 A Year Early, Legally

evolveteam May 5, 2009 0

You read right, you can download Release Candidate one for Windows 7 for free, from now until July 1st. It’s essentially what you’d be getting with the final product due out Q1 of next

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Microsoft: "F*** it, lets just stick with XP"

evolveteam April 27, 2009 0

No, that’s not an actual quote. Good news for those who use Vista and even better news for those who don’t but believe the Mac smear ads. Windows 7 will feature an emulated XP

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