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The Flash and Green Lantern 2 in the Works

evolveteam June 15, 2010 0

This first Green Lantern film hasn’t even been completed and Warner Bros. is starting development on a sequel, along with a film treatment for another DC franchise: The Flash. THR reports

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Batman 3 Shooting March 2011

evolveteam June 11, 2010 0

The L.A. Times reports the third Batman film goes into production March 2011. No script has been approved yet and casting rumors still spread, but at least we have some news that the film

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Green Lantern Suit CGI Fitted

evolveteam May 17, 2010 0

Judging by MTV’s visit to the “Green Lantern” set, Ryan Reynolds might not have much fitting to do for his superhero costume. DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns made a previous mention before,

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Batman 3…July 20, 2012

evolveteam May 2, 2010 2

Production Weekly sent out the tweet. Looks like Batman is ready to take flight on the big screen in two years. Now all Warner Bros. has to do is fill in the cast and

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Two-Face in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

evolveteam April 20, 2010 0

Voice actor for Batman in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Kevin Conroy, mistakenly revealed at the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago that Harvey Dent will be in the sequel to last year’s smash. A fan supposedly

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Nolan Gives Updates on Superman and Batman

evolveteam March 12, 2010 0

“Superman” consultant and “Dark Knight” helmer Chris Nolan has a lot of weight on his shoulders. Tackling two the biggest comic book franchises, Nolan is hard at work on the second reboot for the

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Superman Reboot Finds it's Dark Knight

evolveteam February 10, 2010 0

Someone had to step in to give Superman that much needed reboot it deserves, and that person is Batman savior Chris Nolan. Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Warner Bros. has requested the services of

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Deadpool is the Green Lantern!

evolveteam July 11, 2009 0

It’s official! Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern. Already scheduled to reprise is role as Marvel Comics superhero Deadpool, The Proposal star will be the first actor to cross the comic film universe, starring

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PS3 Batman: Arkham Asylum Offers Playable Joker

evolveteam April 27, 2009 0

Recently, Eidos and Warner Bros. have announced that Joker will be a playable character in the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game for the PS3. You can download him through the Playstation Network and wreak

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