Stunning Shelby Tuatara Supercar Challenging Bugati Veyron Speed Record

evolveteam July 26, 2011 1

Supercar designer extraordinaire, Jason Castriota, has sped through the industry gates and set the bar for the modern-day luxury speedster with the Shelby Tuatara. Of course, the project is labeled “top secret” for now, but we managed to get a peak at the vehicle’s spec sheet which includes the following: carbon fiber body, seven-liter DOHC V8 Twin Turbo ~ 1350hp engine, seven-speed manual H-Pattern or SMG Paddle Shift, triple-disc carbon clutch, carbon cab, carbon sub-frames, aluminum crash structures, and suicide doors. Oh yea, it’s also said to boast up to 256.18 mph, aiming to take the speed record from Bugati Veyron. Need we say more? Check out more of this beauty below.

  • Trevor lamar gainey

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