SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset Review

evolveteam October 4, 2013 0
SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset
Words by Angelina Montanez

SteelSeries came out the game with its SteelPad line of gaming surface products and went on to make noise with the flagship accessory series. After this, we saw the company branch out and make other gaming peripherals such as mouse mats and headsets. The latter went on to become a huge success for the imprint, used religiously in pro gaming tournaments around the world. Now we know the company can make good tournament-ready headsets. But can it achieve the same success on the casual consumer front by creating a quality product for computer (and mobile) users? Let’s see how the SteelSeries 5H v/3 holds up.

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Good Audio

SteelSeries is known for their high performance sound. The 5H v/3 emits powerfully refined sound. This is attributed to its tournament-grade audio drivers, which have been put to the test by pro players across the world. SteelSeries custom engineered the sound stage in the headsets, producing amazing sound quality in the process. In fact, it’s so good you can hear gunfire, alerts, and even footsteps with the slightest details.

The headset has a cool new feature: Passive Noise Reduction. Being that the headphones come with leather-covered ear cups, the 5H v/3 allows for noise reduction during heavy gaming sessions. While playing online, I had my TV on in the background and didn’t hear anything except the gameplay taking place in front of my eyes. The feature was introduced to help professional players concentrate better during games, a notable option to offer when considering its unbeatable price tag.

Steelseries gaming headset

Soothingly Comfortable

We’ve all went through a number of headset dues to wear and tear. Playing for hours on out will do that. The comfort factor of a headset wears out quickly and becomes afflictive to work with at times. Then there are those gaming sets that just feel that way out of the box. This is one device that’s painless-free on all ends. The 5H v/3 is lightweight and offers nicely cushioned ear cups that sit snuggly on the ears. Just what you need during those long gaming nights.

Compatibility and Pricing

SteelSeries makes top-of-the-line products and its headsets are considered the preferential choice for most tournaments. And when it comes to great quality, many are forced to come out of pocket and break the bank. Surprisingly the 5H v3 headset only runs for the cost-efficient value of $80. For that price, you get the best standard quality SteelSeries is most known for producing. On top of working with the PC and Mac, the headset works with most mobile devices like smartphones and tablets thanks to the inclusion of a cable double-braided nylon cable and in-line audio controls that comes bundled with a swappable cable, too.

SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset

Too Big For Its Own Good

With most of today’s gaming headsets reserved for mobile gaming purposes, we expected the 5H v/3 to be easily transportable. Not the case. The wires are long, and even though corded, it gets in the way of most physical interactions. Most big headphones have the ability to fold so they fit in a bag without taking up space. As we said before, not the case here. Granted the mic jack is detachable, the entire package still takes up too much room.

In Conclusion…

The SteelSeries 5H v/3 lives up to the company’s standard, which is delivering amazing sound during in-game play. I felt immersed in the sound quality produced by the drivers in the headset. They are super-comfortable as well, making it a great fit for long-gaming sessions. Noise reduction works perfectly blocking out ambient noise when rocking the device on the go. The only problem we found with the 5H v/3 was portability. It’s a big headset to move around and when placed in my bag it became a hassle to pull out. Portability aside, SteelSeries gaming headset bears the same audio quality as some of the pro-gaming headsets we’ve toyed with over the past months.

Pick up the SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset for $80 at SteelSeries