Samsung Earns Patent for Flexible Phone

evolveteam March 13, 2015 0
samsung flexible phone

Everyone knows Samsung has put work in on flexible displays, and plans on continuing to do so. An interesting patent bubbled to the surface recently. Not just a flexible display, but the entire frame capable of bending forward and back with ease, on purpose.

To make a flexible smartphone more than just the frame and display need to be flexible. A bendy battery pack, and flexible substrate in the inner space of the frame, are needed to make this possible. It is possible synthetic resin, a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and a Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, and others could be used to make the frame a reality. The flexible nature would possibly allow the device to snap back to the non-flexed position.

The patent was filed in Q2 2014 with the US Patent and Trademark office, but published earlier this month. This is only a patent filing, and Samsung isn’t commenting, so we don’t know when or if this kind of device will come to market. The diversity in design this offers is obviously geared toward the active user. It may provide the flexibility Samsung needs to truly outpace the competition.