Samsung Counters iPhone 4S Announcement With Galaxy Nexus Teaser

evolveteam October 5, 2011 0
samsung Nexus Prime

“Something BIG is coming.” And if you think we’re referring to the iPhone 4S then you’re on something. With the Cupertino Clan being hammered in the press and tech blogs, Samsung picked the perfect time to unveil its teaser for its upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich-ready handset: the Galaxy Nexus. In less than 24 hours, the clip has garnered tremendous buzz, as Androidphiles have began speculating what the announcement might be. G+ member Joe Lancaster has his own theory, indicating the Nexus might have the “ability to be docked inside a tablet.” That’s absolutely insane, but it could be true. Droid-Life also points out the three pinholes on the side, which look like docking connectors. Take a look at the video and tell us what you see.