Rock With A LEGO Guitar Hero Controller

evolveteam April 22, 2009 0

Don’t be duped, the controller’s not real.

It’s hard to tell which videogame franchise is overextending their welcome; Guitar Hero or the LEGO spin-offs? MTV Games, Harmonix, The Lego Group, Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games are teaming up to bring you…hold your breath…LEGO Rock Band. Huh?

To say the Guitar Hero titles aren’t addictive would be blasphemy. And the same would apply to the Batman and Star Wars LEGO entries. But this is a pretty awkward announcement. Then again, who knows what these developers got up their sleeves. It’s Guitar Hero—so it’s gonna be a hot commodity once released. One thing’s for sure though, gamers can expect the humorous fashion of the LEGO games to keep them entertained with this title.