PSM3 Hints At New “Mystery Shooter Sequel,” Could Be Black Ops 2

evolveteam February 6, 2012 0
Bulletstorm 2 Cover PSM3

On March 6, issue 151 of PSM3 magazine will give readers an up-close look at the “mystery shooter sequel” its been teasing online. The publisher promises “an exclusive look at one of 2012’s hottest shooters,” which features a vague picture of two bullets.

So what should we take from this clue? Bulletstorm II? Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Battlefield 3-II? Black 2? We’re aware the latter was canceled by EA. Still, you never know. There’s also been rumblings of Infinity Ward working on another Call of Duty game, so the thought of Black Ops 2 might seem premature, but not foolish.

We’ll definitely keep you posted on this development. Odds are the story will leak before the issue hits stands. Gamers can pick up a copy of PSM3 when it hits stores later this month for £4.99.