Print Tech Showcases Insane Lamborghini Aventador Paint Job

evolveteam October 22, 2013 0
Print Tech Lamborghini Aventador Orange

No matter what color it comes draped in, the Lamborghini Aventador is a straight stunner in itself. Munich-based aftermarket firm Print Tech managed to pull off the impossible and made the supercar even more stunning after applying its matte orange-red-chrome foil wrap around the speedster. Take a minute to bask in its beauty. The company also included a black brushed-look foil to cover the plastic trim, plus offers tinted windows for 200 Euros, powder-coated alloys in gloss black for 1,200 Euros, and a remote valve-controlled Capristo exhaust for 1,500 Euros. First things first, and that’s dropping over $370,000 on the car. Then comes the design upgrades.

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