President Obama Puts $70 Mill Into Work-Ready Robots

evolveteam June 27, 2011 0

The tech-savvy president is pushing his love of technology to new levels, as he plans on taking $70 million from the $500 million package he put together to fund innovation and high-tech jobs to produce a new wave of work-ready robots. The project known as the National Robotics Initiative is aimed for “the development and use of robots in the United States that work beside, or cooperatively with, people.” Here’s a look at organization’s mission statement:

The purpose of this program is the development of this next generation of robotics, to advance the capability and usability of such systems and artifacts, and to encourage existing and new communities to focus on innovative application areas. It will address the entire life cycle from fundamental research and development to industry manufacturing and deployment. Methods for the establishment and infusion of robotics in educational curricula and research to gain a better understanding of the long term social, behavioral and economic implications of co-robots across all areas of human activity are important parts of this initiative.

Let’s pray i, Robot, or even worse, Skynet, doesn’t become our reality.