Porsche 911 Sitting on Modulare Wheels [Images]

evolveteam February 6, 2012 0
Porsche 911 on Modulare Wheels

What’s not to love about the Porsche 911? The rear-engined whip stands as one of the most wanted luxury coupes on the market, and is quite possibly “the most tuned car in the world.” At least that’s what certain auto publications would lead you to believe. We’re only ribbing, of course. All jokes aside, this Porsche is a stunner that many tuning houses would love to get their hands on, and fortunately for tuning giants Modulare Wheels, they were blessed with the opportunity.

MW put together a photo shoot of their latest work on the vehicle, lacing the Porsche with a set of B18 forged monoblock rims, which come in a 21-inch size and wrapped in Michelin PSS rubber. The owner of this car replaced the factory stock 20-inch wheels in exchange for MW’s spinners. Good choice. Check out these shots of the white horse courtesy of Modulare Wheels.

Porsche 911 on Modulare Wheels rims

Porsche on Modulare Wheels White

Porsche on Modulare Wheels Dealer

Porsche 911 on Modulare Wheels Rear