Novitec Rosso N-Largo Ferrari F12 Becomes Official

evolveteam October 9, 2013 2
Novitec Rosso N-Largo Ferrari F12

Just when you thought the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta couldn’t look fresher, custom body kit specialists Novitech Rosso decided to don the speedster in a new wide-body package. The upgraded sports car looks to feature aerodynamic and power enhancements, spearheaded by an ultra-light carbon fiber and an “aggressive set of fender flares.” Wheels come decked out with the manufacturer’s three-piece NF5 NL forged wheels, combining 21-inch rims at the front and mate them with 22-inch rims in the rear. Performance-wise, the F12 boosts output to 781 hp and 722 Nm to clock in a top speed of 350 km/h. All the power comes courtesy of a 6.3-liter, 12-cyclinder four-valve engine, alongside a stainless steel exhaust system. That’s some serious specs right there.


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