Nicolas Cage Confirmed For Expendables 3, Badass Wish List Still Growing

evolveteam November 5, 2012 1
nicolas cage expendables 3 cast

Now that the Expendables 2 has cashed in at the box office and garnered favorable reviews, word on the Hollywood strip is Lionsgate has plans of completing a trilogy and is going all out by increasing the star power. As we’ve reported over the past several months, franchise star and creator Sylvester Stallone has been on the hunt for the most popular action stars. While he might have lost out on getting a on-screen legend such as Clint Eastwood to join the cause, Sly’s managed to secure one of the genre’s popular acts: Nicolas Cage. Here’s a look at a translated quote from an interview Stallone did with El Pais:

“We are preparing the film with the same passion and commitment as the previous two. We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group. Hopefully we can realize to Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Mickey Rourke. That is the great mission of the producer. We will continue with the same narrative scheme, the agility and the frenzy, which are inherent to the saga.”

Promising list. Let’s see what the badass wish list is looking like heading into 2013. While no release date has been confirmed for The Expendables 3, rumors have the film hitting theaters August 2013.

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