Next ‘Spider-Man’ Film Might Take Peter Parker Back to High School

evolveteam February 12, 2015 0
Spider-Man Miles Morales

Variety has given us a golden report on the new direction of the “new” Spider-Man film. Sony is searching for younger actors to take on the roll because the plan is to take Spiderman back to high school. A few actors are being considered for the role including Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and Percy Jackson’s Logan Lerman. In addition to replacing the beloved Andrew Garfield, the film will receive a new director.

While all these changes are happening to the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, now is the perfect time to retire Peter Parker and bring in the biracial, Miles Morales. We have seen five Spider-Man movies with two different Peter Parkers. However, Parker never really would go away because in the comicbooks. He returns to his old high school to become a science teacher. Granted Sony can work those details out, they should move fast because if the new Spider-Man is supposed to appear in Captain America: Civil War, scheduled for release in 2016. Furthermore, the web-slinger is supposed to get his own film scheduled for 2017 with no actor. Maybe retiring Peter Parker isn’t such a bad idea.