New Flickr App Takes on Instagram With Killer Photo-Sharing Features, Enhanced UI & Dropbox Support

evolveteam April 17, 2014 0

The image and video hosting website has been due for a major overhaul, only it’s coming on the mobile front as Yahoo introduces an new Flickr app that brings together the simple capture and sharing functionality of Instagram and combines it with the cloud backup of Dropbox and Google+. While previous incarnations of the app were basic mobile versions of the site, Flickr 3.0 makes for a faster and more convenient experience that will surely give most photo-sharing apps a run for their money.

Those who download the update will notice the photo feed is now replaced with a scrolling feed that features single images, which runs much smoother than the previous dual-column view. The app can then crop non-square photos in the feed, though tapping on them will show their full dimensions and embedded metadata that includes what camera it was taken with.

Flickr’s also integrated the options to favorite, comment, and share photos, while introducing an advanced search option located at the top of the feed that draws on image-recognition technology to help discover high-quality images recognized by Yahoo’s algorithms. Over 14 filters can be applied live through the viewfinder or after taking a photo, plus there’s the ability to auto-enhance, crop, or utilize Flickr’s editing tools to adjust certain options (exposure, contrast, white balance, etc.). Best of all, it app can edit, shoot, and upload HD videos of up to 30 seconds that allows users to delete certain segments and re-shoot sections of a video.

The profile section serves as a hub to show your photo stream, albums, notifications, and any joined groups as well, though the Android version receives its own notifications section. There is an option to automatically sync photos to your Flickr account an offers up to a terabyte of free storage. Absolutely insane!

You can download the Flickr app now on iOS and Android.

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