New Custom Google Voice Actions Coming Out

evolveteam May 4, 2015 0
Google Voiec

Google dropped some big news today, it is rolling out the first set of apps to support tie-ins for custom Google voice actions. This means you should soon be able to say “Ok Google” and follow it with some special commands to interact with your apps in new and exciting ways.

The official release mentions being able to say “Ok Google, listen to NPR or “Ok Google, show me attractions near me on TripAdvisor.” Currently being piloted with only a select group of partners, Google says they would like to open it up more widely in the future, and they want to hear your ideas of actions you’d like to see.

Google is continually evolving and adapting the Android platform to meet the ever changing needs of their customer base. The voice commands open up a plethora of possibilities and exciting ways to enjoy your devices. The future certainly looks bright for the Mountain View company.