Nest’s New Lineup

Linda Tell June 18, 2015 0

Nest, the company known for their smartphone-controllable thermostat, announced a roster of new updates and products this Wednesday. The list featured a second-generation Nest Protect, an updated mobile app, and the brand new Nest Cam.

The Nest Protect is a home smoke detector that syncs with your smartphone. The second-generation Protect features upgraded detection technology, using a split spectrum sensor to identify fires that emit different wavelengths of light. A new “stainless steel screen with tiny hexagonal holes” will help prevent false detection. But in the case that a false positive does occur, the updates also offer a new feature that allows you to silence alerts through your Nest app.

In addition to this silence option, the redesigned Nest app offers a long list of new services, including updates to Nest’s thermostat controls. But perhaps the most exciting news is the announcement of the Nest Cam. This security camera allows homeowners to stream the video feed to their phones to ensure a watchful eye, even on the go. Nest said it best:

“[The Nest Cam] comes with advanced Night Vision. It has a mic and speaker so you can talk and listen. And when you subscribe to Nest Aware with Video History, the new cloud recording service from Nest, you can rewind 10 or 30 days of video and get even more accurate motion alerts.”

It’s no secret that Nest is well on its way to revamping our homes altogether. Phones don’t need to be the only “smart” appliance around.