Monster Introduces Tron Legacy Headphones and More

evolveteam August 1, 2010 0

Tron! Tron! And more Tron! Monster Cable joins forces with Disney to breed several Tron Legacy products. Offsprings include the T1 headphones, T3 in-ear headphones, the Monster Tron Powerstation and the ID Disc Dock.

Of course all of the products have the classic Tron makeover, laced with a black body and accented in blue neon lighting. T1 headphones are over the ear surround sound headphones, and the T3 headphones are earplug headsets. Both headphones have control talk functionality and are made for gaming purposes—yes, made for gaming.

The Tron Legacy surround sound amplifier features full control of Tron T1 headphone’s lighting effect, converts normal 2-chanel audio into 7.1 surround sound over headphone speakers and optimizes and upgrades compressed MP3 music to CD quality resolution; plus controls gaming effects and online voicing via superta-tactile rotary mixer knob effects. And for good measure, it also features a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery for portability.