Michelle Rodriguez Returns From The Dead For Resident Evil: Retribution

evolveteam September 23, 2011 0
Michelle Rodriguez Resident Evil Retribution

OK. This is getting ridiculous right now. It looks like the executive producers of Resident Evil: Retribution are doing everything possible to bring back popular characters from the film franchise, alive and dead, as Bloody-Disgusting breaks the news of Michelle Rodriguez reprising her role as Rain Ocampo in the fifth installment. You may remember the Umbrella mercenary becoming a zombie chew doll and taking a bullet to the head in the first film, but obviously, that’s not stopping director Paul W.S. Anderson from getting her into the film. In addition, it’s been revealed that Shawn Roberts role as Albert Wesker has been reduced to a cameo this time around. Guess they had to give the real celebrities their camera time. Who’s next to be resurrected? Mike Epps perhaps?