LG Partners With Google For Free VR Headset

Linda Tell February 10, 2015 0

LG and Google have made our dreams a reality…virtual reality, that is. The two companies have teamed up to create a VR headset that’s free – that’s right, FREE – for all who purchase the G3, LG’s new flagship phone.

The headset uses the design of Google’s Cardboard VR, and will allow users to buy and use virtual reality apps and games. Cardboard is Google’s initiative to make virtual reality accessible. While LG’s version features a plastic shell, the company still hopes their promotion will change the virtual reality landscape.

In a statement, LG executive Chris Yie explained that, “This is just the beginning of the virtual reality movement, which until recently was expensive and inaccessible to everyday consumers.” Indeed, by offering a free headset, LG is completely eliminating the major barrier to widespread VR use: cost.