Leather Samsung Galaxy Alpha Hints at Galaxy S6 Customization

evolveteam December 26, 2014 0
Galaxy S6 Leather

Could the next Samsung device you purchase offer you the option of customizable backs? Samsung seems to believe the metal ring is not enough of a departure from their typical all-plastic exterior with the newest edition of the Galaxy Alpha including a leather back. This may just be the type of changes needed to revitalize mobile giant.

Before you break the bank, this specific version of the Galaxy Alpha will only be released in France, with Samsung producing 100 of each of the four designed models. A nominal increase of about $97 above the normal cost is expected. It has been rumored that the Galaxy S6 is a total reset on the Galaxy line of phones. The invigoration is needed after the last couple of releases have failed to wow the masses. The announcement of the Galaxy S6 may come as early as Mobile World Congress 2015, and so many details are far from confirmed, but for once it appears the powers that be are paying attention.