Joss Whedon Doubtful on Directing Final “Avengers” Films

Jarred Braxton January 29, 2015 0

A few months ago, there were reports that Captain America: the Winter Soldier directors, the Russo Brothers, are possible candidates to direct the final installments to the Avengers Initiative, The Avengers: Infinity Wars Pt 1 and 2. Joss Whedon is in the final phase of the post-production process of one of the year’s most anticipating blockbusters The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the director recently sat down to discuss Whedon’s future with the Marvel franchise. Apparently, even though Whedon enjoys making these films, he used the term “doubtful.”

I couldn’t imagine doing this again.  It’s enormously hard, and it be, by then, a good five years since I created anything that was completely my own.  So it’s very doubtful that I would take on the two-part Infinity War movie that would eat up the next four years of my life.  I obviously still want to be a part of the Marvel Universe – I love these guys – but it ain’t easy.  This year has been more like running three shows than any year of my life.  It is bonkers.

Whedon is certainly entitled to make the decision to walk away from the franchise, considering the success he has garnered for Marvel, but if he does walk away, it wouldn’t come as a surprise for Marvel to name the Russo Brothers the directors of Parts 1 and 2 of Infinity Wars.